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KeePass – password manager

Jul 21, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the ways to guard your passwords is to have a password manager tool on your PC.  I was very skeptical of tools that promise to keep your passwords safe.  I’ve tested this and it’s getting my attention.

Get the latest version of the software.  Click on it and this will take you to the information page. 

Download the software.   

  • Goto the bottom of the page and select “Alternative Download Sites”.
  • Click on the link that leads to FossHub. SourceForge links may have unwanted ads.
  • get the “Installer – Professional Edition”
  • Before running the installer, run a virus scanning software. (such as Avast)

Installing the software:

  • accept the agreement
  • install with the default options
  • launch KeePass
  • create a new database into your Documents folder underKeePass
  • It will ask you for a Master Key
  • Choose at a 45-bit password.
  • To help you choose a strong passphrase, use:
  • start with the default user name, which is generally your email address
  • Go to the Security tab
  • Change encryption algorithm to ChaCha20
  • Key derivation to Argon2
  • Click on “1 Second Delay”
  • Swap the values of Iterations and Memory
  • Click on TEST
  • Then OK
  • Save the Master Key

Configuring the software:

  • Click on TOOLS -> OPTIONS
  • SECURITY tab
  • check – Lock workspace after KeePass inactivity 300 seconds
  • check – Lock workspace when locking the computer or switching user
  • check – Lock workspace when the computer is about to be suspended
  • check – Enter master key on secure desktop
  • ADVANCED tab
  • check – Automatically save when closing/locking the database